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Childcare on campus during the DPG conference


We offer a flexible child care for all conference participants during the time of the conference (16 - 20 March 2020). Experienced and well-trained child care staff by the Agency Mary Poppins will look after your child in the family room at IFW Dresden (see map of the campus). The flexible child care service prior registration is available for children in the age of 3 months to 12 years daily from 8:00 – 16:00. If necessary bring along clothing, diapers and food. Parents or guardians must be able to be reached by staff while their child is attending child care.


A registration of the child care times (date and time) as well as the information about the children`s age is necessary in advance until 28 February 2020 at the latest. Please directly contact the Agency Mary Poppins by E-Mail with the password “child care DPG Dresden 2020”. The child care contract is received directly from the Mary Poppins agency upon receipt of the registration form.

Child care can be offered only for a limited number of children. Selection results in the order of registration.


Flexible child care is charged to parents on the basis of the contract or the actual hours of child care. The agency Mary Poppins charges € 29.70 for one hour of care including VAT for individual care. With the simultaneous care of several children, the costs are reduced accordingly.

For few special cases, third-party support of child-care costs is available. If you have needings please be so kind and contact Beatrice Hensel by e-mail: .


We would be glad, if you can make use of the offer so that it makes your participation at the conference easier!