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Communication / Internet Access


The TU Dresden and IFW Dresden are members of the eduroam-network. Users from eduroam institutions, who have registered for eduroam, can use WLAN at the TU Dresden / IFW without local registration in Dresden. Eduroam in Dresden is possible with WLAN SSID eduroam.

In addition internet access is possible via WLAN network (WiFi) in almost all buildings of the TU-Campus.

WLAN in the buildings of TU-Campus
For internet access at TU Dresden, please use your individual login-password on your registration document. Please search for and connect to the network named „VPN/WEB“. If this network isn’t shown in the list of available networks, the access isn’t possible. After you have been connected, please visit any website with your browser to get redirected to the login page of the network. Enter your given username and password and click on „Login“. Afterwards you should be able to use the access to the internet. This connection is not encrypted.

WLAN in Leibniz-Institute IFW Dresden
In the building of IFW Dresden, WLAN access is possible in and in front of rooms IFW A, B and D. Please connect SSID ‘DPG2020’. No authorization is required. This connection is not encrypted.